One stop solution for admission and career counseling

One stop solution for admission and career counseling

None of us can be complacent about our future. We have to continually strive for excellence and keep one eye on the future while the other on the present, the road ahead.  A big dilemma among students who are not able to get in the college or university of their choice is to get admissions in other similar institutes or to drop a year and try again. Most of the students choose the latter. It is a good choice if they are extremely confident of their abilities and are sure to obtain a place in their dream college. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no favorable outcomes and the students end up in the same positions they were a year ago. A year lost of studies translates into a year lost of missed opportunities. Everything boils down to your capability to perform well after you get admitted in colleges, whether they are your first choices or not. Plus, many of them are not aware of the top private colleges in India (Medical engineering, MBA, commerce, law colleges) that are just as good, if not better than the ones you are comparing them with.

Do not lose hope. We at can provide you a comprehensive, end to end consultation services for all the admission related challenges that every student faces in his/her life. We are professionals in this domain, providing you plenty of options to choose from, ranging from top universities in India to tier 2 and tier 3 institutes. Admission procedure is the biggest issue that students face and many are not able to take the first step, thinking about the long, tiresome procedure practiced by many colleges, i.e.  entrance exams, paperwork etc. We cater to everything that is under the sun as far as the education sphere is concerned. Right from dealing with the higher education sector in India to helping you out with different entrance exams that are conducted round the year, our experts can give you the extra edge that is necessary in this competitive world. We make sure that we are responsive towards the demands of the students and find efficient ways to meet them. Parents of school children who are looking for good quality schools and coaching centers can also avail our services. You will find an extensive list exclusively on our interactive website.

Furthermore, with just a single click of the mouse button, you can discover about entrance exams conducted by different institutes and governing bodies all over India, encompassing courses like MBA, medicine hotel management, aviation, law, engineering, sciences, ca and many more. In addition, we also cater to aspirants of all India government and private exams for jobs in Public Sector Units/Banks, Central government (UPSC, SSC, Railways and Defense), State government (SPSC), Insurance Organizations (LIC, NIACL, UIIC etc), and also for excellence in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. All the information is provided under one roof.

We are proud to be one of the top overseas consultants in India. Students from all over India have used our consultancy services for higher education in countries around the world. Be it top universities in hot destinations like USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK to other not well known but equally competent institutes in destinations like the European Union, UAE and Singapore. Not only that, we also offer VISA and Permanent residence application facility for all-inclusive and in-depth services.

Drop by our offices or browse our website to feel the difference in the knowledge we transmit and services we present to the people that matter, the students. We are aware of the process that students go through their long journey and we want to be a solid, robust partner with you on this journey, helping you in every step of the way. Go ahead and take that first step and convert your dreams into reality.

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