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A 94-3, Sector 58, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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  • Established in2007
  • Approved by UGC, NAAC A+
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Speed and reach of media and communication has made rapid strides in the recent years. TV channels, FM radio stations, websites, newspapers, colourful magazines and journals are being launched by the week. Today if you are in research, knowledge process outsourcing, or fact spinning, you can contribute to the society. Intelligent information also means having access to people in important positions in the market and scope for exciting placement opportunities. Media is the pivot that helps disseminate important information. The ever burgeoning media - be it print, radio, TV, films and the Internet - is today constantly on the lookout for trained professionals to fill in the market slots. How students perform in their jobs depends on the kind of training they receive during their professional studies. Market is also facing a crunch of trainers.

Academic Facilities

  • International Admissions

  • Scholarships

  • Digital Classes

  • Seats Reservation

  • Industrial Tour

  • Campus Placements

  • Management Q sts

  • Weekly Workshops

  • Hi-tech Computer Lab

  • Book Bank facility

  • Hi-Tech Labs

  • Robotics Lab

  • NRI Management Quota

  • Online Admission

Non-Academic Facilities

  • Sports

  • Hostel

  • Visitors Lounge

  • Auditorium

  • Motivational Camps

  • Annual Meet

  • Security

  • International Tour

  • Cultural Activities

  • Online Information

Other Facilities

  • Transport

  • Gym

  • Water Purifier

  • Wi fi Campus

  • Health Center

  • Co-education

  • AC Classrooms

  • Power Back

  • ATM facility

  • Tuck Shops

  • Canteen Provision

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Acting, Dance & Drama Duration
Diploma in Acting and Drama 1 Years
Diploma in Acting and Drama 1 Years
Management Duration
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years
Master of Business Administration 2 Years
Mass Communications Duration
Diploma in Advertising, Public Relations and Brand Management 1 Years
Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication 3 Years
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising
Master of Science in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism 2 Years
Post Graduate Diploma In Mass Communication, Advertisement & Journalism 1 Years
Multimedia, Animation & Gaming Duration
Diploma in Animation, Gaming and Special Effects 1 Years
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia & Web Technology 3 Years
Beachular of Science in Multimedia Technology 3 Years
Radio, Tv & Film Production Duration
Diploma in TV Serials and Film-Making 1 Years


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