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M.Sc. (Environmental Science)Master of Science in Environment Science

The Master of Science (Environmental Science) is a Post Graduate Degree Course. The General Educational Eligibility for entering this course is Bachelor Degree in the relevant Branch of Environmental Science / Ecological Science / Earth Science. The Course is offered with a Minimum Duration of 2 Years (04 Semester). This Course involves Advanced Study & Research Activity about the Application of Scientific Principles, Procedures & Techniques, associated with Physical, Biological & Chemical relationship among the Environmental Systems & Ecology. The other contents that are offered during the course study include Environmental Policies & Laws, Environmental Microbiology, Disaster Management, Earth’s Ecosystems, Population Ecology, Earth’s Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation, Water Management, Environmental Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Food Adulteration, Geographic Information Systems, Earth’s Water Systems, Environmental Geology, Wildlife Preservation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Collection Techniques, Solid Waste Disposal Technologies, Environmental Monitoring, Land-use Survey & Modeling, etc. with variability of the Institution offering the Course.