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B.Sc. (Geology)Bachelor of Science in Geology

Geology is a field of science that teaches learners about the dynamics of thee earth and how different physical, chemical processes affect it throughout the course of history. This is done by collecting and examining earth materials of various shapes and sizes such as rocks, minerals and fossils. Additionally it teaches about new methods to speed up the examining processes that include remote sensing techniques, seismology and others. Bachelor of Science in Geology is a 3 year under graduate program which focuses heavily on the evaluation of the fundamental aspects in the field of Geology. Graduates from this course can in the core field of Geology and its allied fields like hydrology, seismology, sedimentology, earth mechanics etc. Unlike other fields, Geologists are always in demand because only a fraction of the earth's surface has been mapped and the need for more mapping, exploration for resources is always present. This need steers ever increasing jobs in this field. By becoming more specialized through the completion of Msc and PhD degree, geologists can find themselves getting more salary than before by big oil and gas companies. Students who want to continue doing research can opt for post doctoral research after their PhD.