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Ph.D. (Physics)Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

The Doctor of Philosophy (Physics) is a Doctorate Degree Course. The General Educational Eligibility for entering this course is Master Degree in the relevant Branch of Applied Science / Applied Physics / Physics. The Course is offered with a Minimum Duration of 3 Years (06 Semester). The Tenure of the Course comprises of Course Work (Theoretical) for 06/12 Months & the Research Activity thereafter. During the Course work, the Advanced Scientific Study about the Principles, Procedures & Practices involved in the Applications & Research concerned with the Nature & Properties of Matter & Energy in Physical Science is offered. The Research Activity includes the Advancements in Electric Field Theory, Electromagnetic Waves, Wave Mechanics, Physical Optics, Thermal Physics, Solid State Physics, Laser Physics, Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Atomic Physics, Properties of Matter, etc. with variability of the Institution offering the Course.


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