Course Detail

M.Tech. (Aerospace Engineering)Master of Technology in Aerospace Engineering

The Master of Technology (Aerospace Engineering) is a Post Graduate Degree Course of 2 Years (04 Semester) Duration. The General Educational Eligibility for entering this course is Bachelor Degree in the relevant Branch of Engineering/Technology. The Tenure of the Course comprises of Course Work (Theoretical) for 03 Semesters & the Research Activity thereafter. The advanced study about the Designing of An Aircraft & Spacecraft, their Operation & Maintence, Parts Associated, their Structure & Design, Assembly, Components used in Aircraft & Spacecrafts, Flight Dynamics, Space Technology Applied Aerodynamics, Avionics, Navigation Systems & Propulsion techniques essential for Aircraft & Spacecraft operation is offered. The Research Activity includes Design & Analysis of Aircraft & Spacecrafts Operation on the Basis of Production Technologies, Performance, their Structure and Additive Manufacturing etc. with variability of the Institution offering the Course.


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