Course Detail

M.C.A.Master of Computer Applications

MCA is professional postgraduate degree in the field of computer science and application. This advanced degree is meant for students who want to advance to advance their career in a more specialized computational field. With the ever strong progress in information technology, India is becoming a behemoth in this sector and with this; the demand of MCA graduates in the IT industry is going to rise manifolds. Every year more jobs are computer related jobs are generated in India than graduates in computer fields. This creates a void for specialist with a degree in this field. MCA graduates are the perfect fit to fill in the gaps. They can work either in the private or public sector. The MCA is truly the perfect launching pad for a great career in computer.


  • Software Developer.
  • App Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Computer System Analyst.
  • Software Engineer or Programmer.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Software Publisher.
  • Software Application Architect.
  • Software Consultant.
  • Hardware Engineer.