Course Detail

M.B.A. (Industrial Management)Master of Business Administration in Industrial Management

Industrial management is the administration of manufacturing units and industrial environments for effective processes and optimal workflow leading to business success. The MBA in Industrial management is a formal study program that defines the various activities that potential manager may take while supervising the functions of manufacturing divisions of companies and organizations. Functions like financial auditing, material costs estimation, logistics and supply chain management supervision, project planning, safety readiness are some of the activities that are taught to learners in a hands on manner, including the underlining principles of basic management practices like Human Resources, Finance, Operations planning, Sales and Marketing,  business technology management etc.  With the growing number of industrial establishment in the country, the demand for specialized industrial manager has increased manifolds and MBA’s are often the premier choice for top recruiters. Graduates of this program should gear up for top management positions that demand supervisory, managerial and controlling skills. Such graduates often get top roles like General managers, Industrial operations managers, Executive managers (Engineering and technology), CEO’s (executive), Construction Managers, Managers (purchasing and Quality Control), Facility Supervisors, Managers or consultants in compliance. Other than this, they have the option to teach in management schools as educators in this specialized field are very rare. 


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