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B.Sc. (Mathematics)Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of concepts like numbers (quantity), space, structure and change. Mathematicians are involved in the study of patterns and use them to create important formulae or present conjectures. This subject works on the basis of proofs and solid reasoning. Mathematics has its vital inputs into fields like natural sciences, engineering, finance, social sciences and medicine. The Bsc. In Mathematics is an undergraduate program in the Mathematics stream. It is generally a three years course although part time options are available.  It is a very career oriented and recession proof career. Jobs are always available for graduates having solid understanding in the basic concepts of this subject. Potential mathematicians can work in banks as financial expert, investment firms as data analysis, security firms as pattern recognition expert, working in the government at important posts, teaching in leading universities nationally or internationally (although after completing Msc and Phd in mathematics). Subjects in this program include Algebra, Differential and Vector Calculus, Vector Analysis, Differential Equations, Mathematical Methods, Numerical Analysis, Differential Geometry, Abstract Algebra and more.