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B.P.Ed.Bachelor of Physical Education

Physical education is an educational field which emphasizes on human body maintenance through sports and physical exercise. Physical Education is aimed at providing learners with interactions that allows them to enhance the information, drive and competency levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally it helps in developing the psychological, Physical, moral, intellectual and social aptitude. Also known as sports sciences in some educational quarters, physical education is one of the fastest growing education area in India. The Bachelor of Physical Education is a one year course of study that is offered at the undergraduate level for learners who want to inculcate a spirit of adventure, health and self being. Along with general sports procedures, it trains potential sports coaching in manners and methods that coaches need to employ for nurturing sporting talent of India. Anything from nutrition to exercise science to use of sports equipment is a part of this extensive and well defined course. Courses include sports physiology, sports psychology, motor learning, kinesiology, sports training principles, yoga and allied practices. Graduates often end up becoming sports coaches (private or with the government). Many graduates also become sports stars, representing their states in national games and their countries in international meets as well.


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