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Army Public School

Cod Marg Dehu Road, Pune, Maharashtra

2027670036, 2027670266

  • Established in
  • Short FormAPS
  • School TypeArmy/Military
  • Affiliated toCBSE,

At a time when schools are synonymous with imposing buildings and concrete structures, Army Public School Dehu Road holds a unique entity with a state of the art campus which is at the same time nestled in a most pristine little niche of the Sahyadris. This is a school where the latest in education technology survives in synergy amongst green rolling meadows and undulating hills. It is the perfect setting for endless curiosities to be fulfilled, nurturing large dreams in young eyes and rooting innocent sensibilities in strong values.

Academic Facilities

  • Educational Tour

    Educational Tour

  • Digital Classes

    Digital Classes

  • Scholarships


  • Seats Reservation

    Seats Reservation

  • Guest Lectures

    Guest Lectures

  • Faculty Development  programe

    Faculty Development programe

  • Management Q sts

    Management Q sts

  • Weekly/monthly wrk

    Weekly/monthly wrk

  • Library Resources

    Library Resources

  • Hi-tech Computer Lab

    Hi-tech Computer Lab

  • Hi-Tech Labs

    Hi-Tech Labs

  • Quiz contest

    Quiz contest

Non-Academic Facilities

  • Sports


  • Hostel


  • Visitors  Lounge

    Visitors Lounge

  • Auditorium


  • Annual Meet

    Annual Meet

  • Security


  • Indoor Activities

    Indoor Activities

  • Online Information

    Online Information

Other Facilities

  • Water Purifier

    Water Purifier

  • Playground


  • Co-education


  • Mid Day Meal

    Mid Day Meal

  • Yearly Planned Schedule

    Yearly Planned Schedule

  • Power Back

    Power Back

  • Focus on Spirituality

    Focus on Spirituality

  • Tuck Shops

    Tuck Shops

  • Art & Craft Classes

    Art & Craft Classes


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