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Bells Institute of Management And Technology

Knowledge City, Mehli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

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  • Approved by AICTE
  • Affiliated toHimachal Pradesh Technical University

Bells Institute of Management & Technology is a dream project in and for the state capital Shimla. Shimla is a birth place for and houses century-old schools and colleges. Carrying forward with the tradition of the state, we aim to produce good citizens who believe in sacrifice, who believe in help, and who believe in nationhood. Getting students in huge numbers has never been our target. But delivering education to the masses and producing a high number of employable students have been our continuous targets. Now, it is also heartening to see that the education industry has flourished and is reaching the deep corners of our state. Each student has freedom to opt and choose for any course her wants to. My personal opinion is that there is no substitute for a teacher and book. Students should try to make their teacher and book their long--term companions. A teacher and an institution shall stand by the students not till the duration of the course but for their entire lives. India is a great country which has produced teachers like Chanakaya and Dronacharya. These teachers were responsible for taking care of students in all aspects of their lives including maintaining discipline and being a major support in taking life-changing decisions. However, I do not want to advertise this institution through this message. Students have the full right to know more about the institute before joining it. You are requested to follow and understand the honesty of the institution, its past track record, its teachers? integrity and responsibility in mentoring and their overall concern for the student community. Please do not get attracted to filthy placement commitments. Remember "Generate Employment rather than be just Employed".

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Engineering Duration
Bachelor of Techonology in Civil Engineering 4 Years
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering 4 Years
Bachelor of Techonology in Electrical Engineering 4 Years
Bachelor of Techonology in Electronics and Communication Engineering 4 Years
Bachelor of Techonology in Mechanical Engineering 4 Years
Information Technology Duration
Bachelor of Computer Applications 3 Years
Management Duration
Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Manageement 3 Years
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Years
Master of Business Administration in Finance 2 Years
Master of Business Administration in Information Technology 2 Years
Master of Business Administration in International Business 2 Years
Master of Business Administration in Marketing 2 Years
Master of Business Administration in Production and Operations Management Systems 2 Years
Mass Communications Duration
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication 3 Years


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