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Osmania University

Administrative Building, Osmania University Campus Main Road, Hyderabad, Telangana

4027682284, 4027682444

  • Established in1918
  • Short FormOU
  • Approved By UGC, NAAC A

Osmania University is named after its founder, Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad who rather through a farman or Royal Charter, brought the University into existence in 1918. It is the seventh oldest in the Country and third oldest in South India. Though the need for the University for the Hyderabad State was felt, both by the intelligentia and the people for a long time, the initiative came from a civil servant, Sir Akbar Hydari, who was then the Home Secretary to the State Government. Sir Hydari, in a memorandum to the Education Minister in Early 1917, emphasized the need to establish a University of Hyderabad with 'Urdu' as the medium of instruction "as it is the language of the widest currency in India, official language of the State, and it is a language which is understood by a vast majority of the population of the State." He believed that higher education must have its foundations deep in national consciousness.

Academic Facilities

  • International  Admissions

    International Admissions

  • Digital Classes

    Digital Classes

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  • Seats Reservation

    Seats Reservation

  • Campus Placements

    Campus Placements

  • Guest Lectures

    Guest Lectures

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    Management Q sts

  • Distance Course

    Distance Course

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    Weekly Workshops

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    Scholarship Awards

  • Hi-tech Computer Lab

    Hi-tech Computer Lab

  • Book Bank facility

    Book Bank facility

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    Hi-Tech Labs

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    Robotics Lab

Non-Academic Facilities

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  • Hostel


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    Visitors Lounge

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    Motivational Camps

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    Annual Meet

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    Accident Risk Coverage

  • International  Tour

    International Tour

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    Cultural Activities

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    Online Information

Other Facilities

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  • Water Purifier

    Water Purifier

  • Wi fi Campus

    Wi fi Campus

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    Health Center

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    Emergency Alarm

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    Yearly Planned Schedule

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    Power Back

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    ATM facility

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    Tuck Shops

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    Bank Facility

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Arts Duration
Post Graduate Diploma in Family relation and Child Psychology
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  64. Girraj Government College
  65. Global College of Education
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  71. Government City College
  72. Government Degree College for Women
  73. Green Fields College of Catering and Hotel Management
  74. Hindi Mahavidyalaya - Autonomous
  75. Hindu College for Women
  76. Holy Mother Post Graduate College
  77. Holy Trinity College of Education
  78. Hyderabad Presidency College
  79. Hyderabad School of Business
  80. ICBM School of Business Excellence
  81. Ideal Degree College for Women
  82. Imran College of Computer Applications
  83. Indian Institute of Health and Family Welfare
  84. Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts
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  86. Institute of Public Enterprise
  87. Jadcherla P G College
  88. Jagruti Degree and Post Graduate College
  89. John Bauer College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  90. Kakatiya P.G College
  91. Karuna P G College
  92. Karunodaya College of Education
  93. Kasturba Gandhi Degree and P G College for Women
  94. Katipally Ravindra Reddy College of Education
  95. Khatija Khatoon Diploma College of Education
  96. Kingston College of Education
  97. Kingston P G College
  98. KV Ranga Reddy Degree College For Women
  99. KV Ranga Reddy Institute of Law
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  102. Leo Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Management
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  104. M A K Azad College of Education
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  109. M V S R Engineering College
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  115. Manjeera College of Education
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  117. Manpower Development College
  118. Marwadi Shiksha Samithi Law College
  119. Matrusri Institute of PG Studies
  120. Merit Institute of Business Management and Technology
  121. MESCO College of Pharmacy
  122. MESCO Institute of Management and Computer Sciences
  123. Methodist College of Engineering and Technology
  124. Methodist Degree College
  125. MNR College of Education
  126. MNR Degree College
  127. MNR PG College
  128. Modern College of Education
  129. Moghal College of Education
  130. Mohammadens College of Education
  131. Mother Mary Elementary Teacher Training Institute
  132. Mother Teresa P G College
  133. MS Degree College for Woman
  134. Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology
  135. Mumtaz Degree and PG College
  136. Nalanda College of Pharmacy
  137. Narendra Degree College
  138. Nava Bharathi College of Education
  139. Nava Bharathi Degree Post Graduate Studies
  140. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy College of Education
  141. Niraj College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  142. Nishitha Degree and P G College
  143. Nizam College Autonomous
  144. Nizam Institute of Business Management
  145. Nizam Institute of Computer Sciences
  146. Noble College of Education
  147. Noor P G College of Computer Science
  148. Nrupatunga Degree and PG College
  149. Osmania Medical College
  150. Padala Rama Reddi College of Commerce and Management
  151. Padala Rama Reddi College of Computer Science
  152. Padala Rama Reddi Law College
  153. Pallavi College of Education
  154. Panineeya Mahavidyalaya College of Education
  155. Pasha College of Education
  156. Pasha Noble Degree and PG College
  157. Pendekanti Institute of Management
  158. Pendekanti Law College
  159. Pinnacle Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  160. Pioneer Institute of Hotel Management
  161. Ponugoti Madhava Rao Law College
  162. Post Graduate College
  163. Pragathi Mahavidyalaya
  164. Pragna College of Education
  165. Presidency College of Arts and Science
  166. Presidency College of Education for Girls
  167. Presidency School of Management and Computer Science
  168. Princeton Post Graduate College
  169. Princeton School of Education
  170. Priyadarshini College of Business Management
  171. Priyadarshini College of Computer Science and Research
  172. Priyadarshini College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  173. Priyadarshini Degree and PG College
  174. Pulla Rao College of Education
  175. Pulla Reddy Institute of Computer Science
  176. R G R Siddhanthi College of Education
  177. R G R Siddhanthi P G College
  178. R.K.L.K College of Education
  179. Rabindranath Tagore College of Education
  180. Rachana College of Journalism
  181. Radha Krishna Womens College
  182. Raja Bahadur Venkat Rama Reddy Womens College
  183. Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Institute of Technology
  184. RBVRR Womens Pharmacy College
  185. Reah School of Business Management
  186. Regency College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  187. Reman College of Education
  188. Residency College of Computer Sciences
  189. RG Kedia College
  190. Rishi College of Education
  191. Rishi Degree College
  192. Roda Mistry College of Social Work and Research Centre
  193. Ronald Ross P G College
  194. Sai-Sudhir PG College
  195. Sanjeevani College of Education
  196. Sarada College of Hotel Management
  197. Sarojini Naidu Junior Degree and PG Colleges for Woman
  198. Sarojini Naidu Vanita Mahavidyalaya
  199. Sarojini Naidu Vanita Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya
  200. School of Business Management VV College
  201. Shadan College of Education
  202. Shadan Degree College for Boys
  203. Shadan Degree College for Women
  204. Shadan Institute of Computer Studies for Boys
  205. Shadan Institute of Computer Studies for Girls
  206. Shadan Institute of Management Studies for Boys
  207. Shadan Institute of Management Studies for Girls
  208. Shadan Institute of Post Graduate Studies
  209. Shahnaz College of Education
  210. Shankerlal Dhanraj Signodia College of Arts, Commerce and Post Graduate Centre
  211. Shantiniketan College of Education
  212. Sharada College of Education
  213. Shivani Junior and Degree College for Womens
  214. Shri Shakti College of Hotel Management
  215. Siddhartha Technical Institute
  216. Sindhu Degree College of Women
  217. Singhs Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
  218. Siva Sivani Degree College
  219. SLR College of Hotel Management
  220. Smt A Shyamala Devi Degree College for Women
  221. Smt Sarojini Ramulamma College of Pharmacy
  222. Sree Anantha Padmanabha Arts, Science and Commerce College
  223. Sree Vani Womens College
  224. Sri Aurobindo Degree College
  225. Sri Indu College of Education
  226. Sri Raghavendra College of Education
  227. Sri Sadguru Bandayappa Swamy B Ed College
  228. Sri Sai Raghavendra Degree College
  229. Sri Vasavi Raja Pratap College of Education
  230. Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts
  231. Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy
  232. Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy
  233. Srikrupa Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  234. Srinidhi College of Education
  235. St Alphonsas College of Education
  236. St Ann's College of Education
  237. St Anns College for Women
  238. St Anthony's P G College
  239. St Augustine P G College
  240. St Francis College for Women
  241. St Johns Institute of Science and Technology
  242. St Josephs Degree and PG College
  243. St Martins PG College of Technology
  244. St Patricks PG College
  245. St Pauls College of Management
  246. St Pauls College of Pharmacy
  247. St Pious X Degree and PG College for Women
  248. St Vincent P G College
  249. Stanford College of Education
  250. Stanford Degree College for Women
  251. Stanford P.G College
  252. Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women
  253. Sujatha Junior Degree and PG College for Women
  254. Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Law
  255. Sunshine College of Education
  256. Suprabhath Institute for Management and Computer Studies
  257. Suryalaxmi Degree College
  258. SVS Degree College for Women
  259. Swami Vivekananda Degree and P G College
  260. Swami Vivekananda P G Collge
  261. Swathi Institute of Technology and Sciences
  262. The ICFAI Law School
  263. TKR Institute of Management and Science
  264. Unity College of Pharmacy
  265. Unity P.G College
  266. Urdu Arts Evening College
  267. Vardhaman College of Engineering - Autonomous
  268. Vasavi College of Engineering
  269. Vathsalya College of Business Management
  270. Venkata Sai College of Teacher Education
  271. Venkata sai Diploma in Elementary Education Institution
  272. Vidyadayani College of Information Technology
  273. Vignan College of Education
  274. Vijaya Bharathi College of Education
  275. Vijaya Law College
  276. Vijaya Post Graduate College
  277. Vijetha Junior and Degree College
  278. Vikas B Ed College
  279. Villa Marie PG College for Women
  280. Vishwa Bharathi Degree College
  281. Vishwa Bharathi PG College of Engineering and Management
  282. Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management
  283. Viswa Vikas College of Education
  284. Vivek Vardhini College of Arts, Commerce, Science and Post Graduate Studies
  285. Vivek Vardhini School of Business Management
  286. Vivekananda College of Elementary Education
  287. Vivekananda Degree College
  288. Vivekananda School of PG Studies
  289. VV College - AN of Arts and Commerce - EM and TM
  290. VVR PG College of Technology
  291. Wesley Post Graduate College
  292. Y P R College of Education
  293. Yadaiah College of Education


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